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Early Coho in the Southern Gulf Islands

When, and why the coho show up in the Strait of Georgia.

The Wigglefin Action Disc

The Wigglefin Action Disc adds vibration and action to a hoochie or bucktail for those fisherman who don’t want to fish with a flasher.

The UVic Chinook and Coho Diet Study

The stomachs of your Chinook and coho salmon are no longer just crab bait; they can help us understand the ecosystem that supports our salmon resource.

Vancouver Island Salmon Enhancement & Habitat Restoration

Vancouver Island is home to approximately 37 hatcheries, seven of which are major federally operated facilities. In addition, there are also 45 First Nations and non-profit community-based groups working toward one common goal: helping to enhance salmon stocks as well as to protect, maintain, and restore their natural habitat. In 2018...

It’s All About the Fish: Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Derby 2018

You know those, “Oh, I get it” moments? Out of all the trips to derbies, lodges, and scenic fishing spots on Vancouver Island in 2018, the trip to Tahsis was truly mine.

On the Water: Nootka Sound By Boat

Fishing with Nootka Marine Adventures in the 5th Annual Salmon Enhancement Derby. After a gorgeous 40-minute weave through the inlets, we were rewarded with the stunning, protected Moutcha Bay, fed by the Conuma River.

The State Of Coho 2018

Up until the mid-1990s, coho were the foundation almost every year for productive salmon fishing in the Strait of Georgia recreational fishery. Since then, however, their presence has been much less predictable...

Island Fly Fisher – Coho

Coho are well known for their aggressive behaviour and for their jumping and rolling tactic once hooked; they can vary in size, and can range from seven to 20 pounds.

Exploring Port Alberni

With no reefs, back eddies, tide rips or whirlpools to create hazardous conditions, Alberni Inlet is classic small boat water. Expect to see everything from kayaks, tiny dinghies and inflatables, to houseboats, yachts and ocean-going cruisers.

Hakai Land & Sea Fishing Club

Hakai Land & Sea Fishing Club is a non-profit organization, currently with 85 members, something totally different on the west coast of BC.
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