Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Tag: Fishing Lures

How to Customize Lures to Suit Your Area

We all know some lures just work well straight out of the factory, while others require some adjustment. Your goal is to make the lures match the feed around your area and look like it is wounded.

How to Fish Glow Lures Effectively

There is not much sunlight spectrum during the early mornings, late evenings, dark days, and deep depths to penetrate down the water column. So by charging your lures up with a high-powered flashlight or UV black light, you can fish them more effectively.

Gear For The Year: Part 1

Welcome to our newest column featuring the latest and greatest in drool-worthy, must have gear for the year! Get your ‘hooks’ into these. We have, and we did well! We'll update you with new gear that we've tried every month.
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