Monday, August 3, 2020
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Tag: Pink Salmon

Qunisam 2019 Pink Salmon: More Than Four Times As Many As 2018

The Watershed Enhancement Manager for the DFO, Quinsam River Hatchery, says the total run of pink salmon was 450,000 plus, and “they are still coming.”

Pinks for Pinks

Standard high-producing flies, such as the Pink Handlebar and Cathy’s Coat, are likely the main ammunition for most fly fishers. However..

Departure Bay & Nanaimo Harbour Open for Pink Salmon

Pink salmon fishing is open in Nanaimo Harbour and Departure Bay. HEre's how to identify a pink salmon and the current regulations.

Jigging at the Pier in Campbell River

Fishing from a pier and shoreline can be very productive in heavy bait gatherings, for rockfish, and during the salmon returns. In this article, we’ll help you improve your pier and shoreline jigging game.
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