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The 2019-2020 Salmon Conservation Stamp

Meet the 2019-2020 Salmon Conservation Stamp

This year’s selection is very topical given the concern with our SRKWs and Chinook stocks. All proceeds from the annual stamp competition supports community salmon conservation projects all across BC and the Yukon via grants to the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF).

Every year, the PSF works with the DFO (Fisheries and Oceans Canada) to produce the annual Salmon Conservation Stamp that is affixed to the angler’s licence. The purchase of a Salmon Conservation Stamp (at the time of writing, it is $6.00 + tax) makes you a key contributor. This stamp appears on all tidal licences held by anglers wishing to retain any species of Pacific salmon. Revenues generated from the sale of these stamps is returned to BC to help fund salmon restoration and enhancement projects supported by PSF through its Community Salmon Programs. The Salmon Conservation Stamp image is used as an additional fundraising source for PSF with the production of limited-edition art prints. If you get one, you are lucky—they go fast!

Tak Shoji’s “Race for Survival”, the 2019-2020 Salmon Conservation Stamp

The PSF posted on their Facebook feed…”Congratulations to Tak Shoji for his entry titled “Race for Survival” – the winner of last night’s Salmon Conservation Stamp competition. This image will adorn next year’s stamp required to retain salmon caught in west coast tidal waters. All proceeds from sales of the stamp are returned to PSF for salmon projects in BC and the Yukon. This is the first time an orca has been featured on the stamp and it’s a poignant representation of current issues, and public concern. We want to thank everyone for participating this year. There were 21 entries – the most ever – of some very high quality artwork. Competition was stiff to say the least!”

Let’s all ‘think salmon’ when you buy your season’s licence.

Tidal licences can be purchased online here

Freshwater licences can be purchased online here


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